Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wow Daryl post Davis Co, court discovery online!

Allen Brady finds precedence in the law. Daryl Acumen Interferes with SEC case against Andy Esquivel.

Mr Acuman posted privileged information obtained from Andy Esquavel's Discovery to his Party Utah Blog. .
Criminal histories may not be disseminated to anyone other than the defendant”.
A Discovery is intended to be used by the attorney representing the defendant. If at some point said attorney no longer represents the defendant, the packet must be returned to the County Attorney’s office. How Mr. Acuman obtained a copy is unknown. Mr Brady while in communication with Prosecutors at the Davis countyAttorney's office, set out to request a change of venue based on Daryl's actions. It is Allen Brady's belief that Andy would not receive a fair trial based on the leak of information to the public in the state of Utah. Daryl's action may even be grounds to declare a mistrial. What may seem as a Lucky break to some should raise questions to Everyone? Wiser technology has found precedence in these actions. Had this been a Murder trial, the reckless actions of one individual could result in a mistrial? The information could be leaked intentionally by the defendant themselves? Even in the midst of diversity, Wiser technology continues to make the world a safer place.

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