Friday, November 11, 2011

Ron the film maker.

Could not send to Mitch/I-Safe. He isn't connected with me so it blocked me.

Ron  Kelsay

Ron Kelsay Producer at Underground Productions

To: Andres Esquivel

Date: November 11, 2011

Ron Kelsay "Andy can you please send this"

Good afternoon, As you may know I am working on a documentary based on the slander campaign waged against X Tagged which has carried over to Wiser Technology. It has been unclear to most the basis of this documentary which I have kept concealed for several reasons. Mainly to expose a pattern of behavior on behalf of Daryl Acumen and establish a link between certain individuals who stood to gain the most from it. I set out to challenge Andy's accusation that Daryl would attack, attempt to discredit and slander anyone and everyone that Andy came into contact with or attempted to do business with. To do so I engaged in conversation with Daryl through his Blog at I believe I successfully established to what means Mr. Acumen would go to to convince people of his lies. In His Blogs I'm accused of being a conspiracy theorist. Tattooing a two year old and being a drug user. I simply invite you to observe his tactics first hand and realize the degree of dedication Mr. Acumen puts forth. A person who has nothing vested and claims to have nothing to be earned? Mr. Acumen has extensive knowledge of a court case in which he is not a witness. He knows details about conversations that have taken place between Andy Esquivel, Andrew Phipps and Andrew Couch. Two men that Andy alleges took his Idea to bump and sold it knowing there was a fatal flaw. I write this as a mere courtesy and ask that you keep an open mind until the final results are played out in court regarding the alleged securities fraud. I think you may find a surprising twist at the end. Thank you for your time.
The real Daryl Acumen

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